Fun and adrenaline with safety, next to the best professionals!


COURSE DESCRIPTION: The full Kitesurf course consists of a minimum of 9 hours, divided in 3 sessions of 3 hours each.


PRICE: 30€ per hour. The first session is paid prior to the class. From there on you pay on a “as you go basis” at the end of the session depending on the wind.


DURATION: 3 x 3 hours sessions, (you will need a minimum of 9 hours to kite)

WHEN? Any windy day, any day of the week, in the morning or the afternoon

WHAT´S INCLUDED? All the technical material, wetsuit, safety vest, CLI insurance and the use of changing room, locker and hot shower.

On the 1st session (3hs), after a short but IMPORTANT theory, we learn the fundamentals of covering safety, site assessments and kite set ups, and begin with kite control, discovering the force and the different directions of the winds.

During the 2nd session(3hs) we learn to control the power of a kite and do ALL simulations of what could happen in the water, and self-rescue technique as a safety method in order to get into the water.

In the 3rd session (3hs), and once we control perfectly the kite on land, we go into the water! Body drag, water start, recovering of the board…. From here on, it is all up to you!

We do not leave you alone on your progression! We constantly organize Weekend outings and Special Trips for you to continue improving and getting inmersed into the Kitesurf world.


If there is no wind, we will look for other spots to go to, in order to offer continuity of the courses.

If the wind stops during the course, we recommend making an optional wakeboard session to practice the contact with the board that will help for kiteboarding in the 3rd session.

The duration of the course is estimated and depends mainly on the ability of the student to assimilate the aims of the course.

If you really want to learn Kitesurfing, you have to invest all your free time to finish the course as soon as possible.

Click here to see THE AIMS OF THE COURSE


-Classes will begin on specified time. It is convenient to arrive 20 minutes before to get prepared and make the most of the time.
-All equipment provided (board/rig, wetsuit), you only have to bring your bathing suit, towel and sunscreen.
-It is the student’s responsibility to confirm the appropriate climate conditions before the course.
-The duration of the classes may depend on the wind.

Click here to see the General Contracting Condition for Courses and Rentings

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